Changes of weight and microstructure of brown adipose tissue in Tupaia belangeri under cold acclimation

Zhu Wan-long, Zhang Lin, Zuo Mu-lin, Cheng Jin-long


Tupaia belangeri, which were the unique tropic and subtropic small mammal and distributed in the south of China. In order to investigate the adaptation of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in T. belangeri under cold acclimation, weight and microstructure of BAT were measured. The results showed that after cold acclimation, the color of BAT in tree shrew deepened, the weight of BAT increased 5.83% and interscapular weight of BAT was 23.6% in total body fat mass; and the microstructure of BAT found that mitochondria diameter of BAT cell increased 43.4%, ridge count increased by 49.3% and was palisade arrangement, fat droplets become smaller, showing a pupil bubbly. These results indicate that the change of weight and microstructure of BAT were related to demand of the heat production in tree shrews under cold acclimation.


Keywords: Tupaia belangeri; Brown adipose tissue; Cold acclimation

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