Diversity and abundance of insects in Kichi Forest and adjacent local communities’ farms

Kelvin Ngongolo, Samuel Mtoka, Chrispinus D. Rubanza


The coastal forests in Tanzania like Kichi are facing high threat of destruction regardless of the benefit accrued from them. Kichi forest is diverse in terms of fauna and flora resources. Despite these rich resources much is not known for them, example information on abundance and anthropogenic factors that may influence insects’ survival. This study aimed at determining the diversity and abundance of insect in Kichi forest and the adjacent farms. Systematic stratified sampling by using Pitfalls and beat sheet were applied during data collection. Higher diversity of species was noted in Kichi forest than lower values in farms (P<0.05). There was no difference in abundance of insects between the two land uses systems (P>0.05). Distance between forest and farms, habitat, temperature, humidity, anthropogenic activities such as agriculture, bushfires influenced the diversity and abundance. Proper conservation of the forest through local communities’ participation and the associated law enforcement as well as introduction of sustainable income generating activities like beekeeping represent approaches for enhanced fauna diversity.


Key Words: Diversity, Abundance, Insects, Kichi forest, Local communities’ farms

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