Age dimorphism in the wild boar (Sus scrofa L., 1758) mandible is centred on the condylar ramus

Parés Casanova, Pere M.


We report here a geometric morphometric analysis based on 16 homologous landmarks by which the expression and magnitude of mandibular age dimorphism during late growth in 37 European wild boars (Sus scrofa L., 1758) were captured. These samples were subgrouped into two age clusters according to eruption of the third molar: “subadults” (erupting or not yet erupted third upper molar, n = 22) and “adults” (complete dentition, n = 15). Multivariate statistics were applied to visualize the pattern, and assess the significance, of shape variation between ages. All samples demonstrated highly significant size and shape dimorphism, with the condyle consistently being the most dimorphic region of the mandible between ages.


Keywords: age assessment, jaw, geometric morphometrics, morphological variation, pigs

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