Challenges of Conserving the Endangered Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)

Kelvin Ngongolo, Ahmed Lugelo, Samuel Mtoka, Anna Mahulu, Atuhombye Sigala, James Mwanginde


African Wild dog (Lycaon pictus) population has been observed declining at high pace regardless of many conservation efforts done. This paper aimed at pointing out the threats which catalyse the decline of this endangered species and provide some mitigation measures. Among others, habitat destruction, diseases, human-wild dog conflicts and interspecies competition were observed to be among the threats which accelerate the decline of Wild dog population. It is recommended that health welfare of wild dogs such as mass domestic dog vaccination against Rabies, parvo, Canine distemper virus need to be addressed. Also participation of local communities on the conservation of Wild dogs is essential. Furthermore, provision of conservation education, implementation and enforcement of conservation laws together with involvement of different stakeholders were identified to be essential for the survival of the species.


Keywords: Challenges, Conserving, Endangered Wild Dog

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