Haematological alterations associated with T. Evansi load in naturally infected camels in Sokoto

S.Y. Argungu, A.Y. Bala, A.A Umar


This study was conducted to determine the haematological alterations associated with Trypanosoma evansi load in naturally infected camels in Sokoto central abattoir, Sokoto State, Nigeria, between May and July, 2012. The prevalence of T. evansi was determined using wet blood film and stained thin and thick blood smear films. Herbart and Lumsden rapid matching method was used to convert the amount of parasitaemia observed microscopically from per field to per mill of blood samples. Haematological values were obtained using ERMA® INC. particle counter. The mean values for PCV [%] and RBC [x106/ul] were significantly lowered in infected camels, while Hb [g/dl], WBC [x103/ul] and PLT [x103/ul] values of infected camels were relatively higher [significantly] than those of non-infected. Results revealed inverse and direct correlations of parasitaemia with Packed Cell Volume [PCV] and Red Blood cells Count [RBC] [p<0.01], and White Blood cells Count [WBC] [p<0.05] respectively. However, no association existed with haemoglobin [Hb] and platelets [PLT] values of infected camels. Trypanosoma evansi infection usually results to anaemia in camels, therefore an urgent step have to be taken to avert this threat.

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