Comparative studies on gastro intestinal helmiths of indeginous and exotic chikens slaughtered at Sokoto vegetable market, Sokoto State -Nigeria

M. M. Shehu, N. S. Anka


The study was conducted to determine the wide-spread of gastro-intestinal helminthes of local and exotic chickens slaughtered at Sokoto vegetable market, between January to May 2014. A total of 40 samples were collected for local and exotic chickens, out of the total sample examine 20 (50.0%) were from the domestic chickens, 10 from broilers (exotic male) and 10 from layers making 20 (50.0%). Samples were examined using zinc sulphate flotation techniques. Of the total sample examined, 29 (72.5%) were found infected with one or more species of helminthes parasites 4 (10.0%) had single infection, 17 (42.5%) have double infection and 8 (20.0%) have triple infections. The cestodes recorded and identify in this study include Raillietina echinobothrida (30.0%), Raillietina tetragona (25.0%), Raillietina cesticillus (22.5%) and Davainea proglottina (30.0%), Hymenolepis carioca (7.50%). And Nematode Ascaridia galli (15.0%), Heterakis galliae (10.0%).Sustainable ways of controlling these parasites need to be designed for both local and exotic breeds, in improving their productions.


Key words: Helminthosis, IntestinalParasites, Exotic Chickens and Indigenous Chickens

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